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On-Site Carpet Cleaning

Your wall-to-wall carpeting needs regular upkeep and maintenance, but there are lots of other reasons you may need carpet cleaning services:

  • Aesthetics
  • Indoor and outdoor allergens
  • Pet stains
  • Odors

After our initial in-home consultation, The Bright Side will address your specific carpet care needs with our industry-leading approach to carpet cleaning, including thorough pre-treatment, residue-free treatment solutions, triple-pass rinse extraction, and specialized techniques for especially tough cases. Big area? Big furniture? No problem! The Bright Side prepares the area to be cleaned from start to finish—including moving unwieldy pieces of furniture.

About Wall-to-Wall Carpet Cleaning

How well your carpet responds to wear, usage, sun-fading, cleaning, and stain removal depends primarily upon two things:

  • What fiber material it is made of
  • How well it is maintained

Today, the fabric pile of nearly all wall-to-wall carpet is manufactured using one of three main fiber types—nylon, olefin, or wool—or of two less-common types—acrylic and polyester. Carpet experts at The Bright Side will be able to tell you upon simple inspection what type of fabric your carpet is composed of. This enables us to give you realistic answers on what results to expect from cleaning before the work has begun.

The importance of proper carpet preparation

A major component of a thorough carpet cleaning is pre-vacuuming. The Bright Side uses specialized high-powered equipment to rid your carpets of dust and dirt before pre-treatment. This allows the pre-treatment to be more effective without creating a mud-like mess from excess dirt and grime. It means a deeper clean for your carpets.

Water-based is best

Water is a universal solvent that most effectively and healthily dissolves common soiling. Water-based cleaning is incredibly versatile because of the wide variety of additives you can use with it, unlike dry cleaning processes. However, this doesn’t mean that ninety-eight percent of all carpet cleaners know how to use the method correctly—they don’t! As in any service industry, the quality of the method depends more on the expertise of the technician using it than on any other single factor. Ninety-eight percent of all carpet cleaning companies use a form of hot water extraction— “steam” cleaning—and nearly all major carpet manufacturers, including Shaw Industries (the world’s largest carpet manufacturer with over 30% of the global market share in installed carpet) recommend this method.

Contact us today to schedule a free in-home inspection and consultation of your wall-to-wall carpeting at no obligation to you!